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wer're running an M200. Mobile Users connecting via SSL VPN. Split tunneling is activate.
We have a request that traffic to a certain IP has to be route through the Fireboc.
I put the remote IP in the SSL VPN settings.
In traffic monitor I can see traffic ti this IP. However the website does not open.
Putting a policy to allow traffic from Any to the VPN network doesn't help either.
Only traffic to a single remote IP over a single Port is neccessary.
What do I have to configure?
Thank you.

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    It seems to work. We can test more tomorrow. Thank you!

    The SSLVPN net was not in the DNAT settings.
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    Rarely is there a need to remove/modify the 3 default Dynamic NAT settings.
    And, as you have seen, doing so can cause issues.

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    I just add our SSLVPN even the range is already include in
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    If prior to adding this entry, you only have the 3 default entries, then I don't see how adding this entry really helped here.

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    Bruce, you're absolutely right.

    Got wrong IP from the Service Provider :/
    Now it works like a charm.
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