i have quistion as to the security of your device

i like know how many telmenty servers u have up and running and what infomation dose these devices gives u, i also like to know do u all have the abuilt to make accounts on device to be able to control it, do u down load config data, user names passwords, will u give us list of the telmenty servers that is up and running, and where is software made is made in china ? u know i done computers all my life have more hrs on them then most people, and found most all software cisco, hp, ibm , microsoft linux, apple and list gose on and on and on, so if we are to be shure we are garded as you so clame dose china have back door in to the systems, well we will find out, as i had told apple and nvida, that nvida and microsoft was probeing for my domain, nvida said they could not comit on logs i sent so i said fine if i find your servers on my domain them servers comes down, u take me cort and i use the logs to expose all the servers u have running, now i am hopeing that u take securty little more serrouys then they do, as for me i love for any one take me cort logs i have would well lets just say i found apple useing microsoft servers, and i found over 100 servers that they use, now reported to ftc as it a antirust volattion, not only this the new privecy laws was just put in effeck makes this ileagle, now i be impess if this was not remove but real respons given, as microsoft has so targeted my network and that i can prove with logs, and i know they targeted many others but what can i say allways a way to keep them out. but they keep hackking my firewall setting, why there over 500 block servers on it i be more happy to share the logs if u will use them to improve what u have, i be more happy work with u all in the 3 years of logs in how microsoft has so gotten throw any firewall built how,
well os has hardcoded in it ip address and server names that sends out so that these pass throw any firewall as it thinks a person requesting the connection, microsoft uses
the built in encription to build tunnes inside of ip address. and i have logs showing servers going on and off line about every 2 to 3 mins and u cant ping them and u cant find location, well i did, i have 400k home network was not built for show, it logs all this, and now with a cisco swich i use it to back trace all the ip addres or very less block them all , now i do have list of all microsoft, cisco, apple google , telmenty servers
yes microsoft consider me so good that they gave me all there software and now i useing it to expose all these servers, i just found all the china servers use by micorsoft what a hit that was , no i cant spell i have add but what takes away it to gives me i see patterns in how things works , in time i find any server i not a hacker but i dont like my network being hack, so lets just see how far u go with this, one u del it , two u have respones and do nothing or 3 your ask to see the files, so lets just see who u are are


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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi Cincinnatiman,

    Thanks for writing to us. I've gathered some information related to your questions, as well as links to more information.

    -Telemetry servers.
    I'm unable to comment as to the location or number of servers. WatchGuard only collects information from your firebox if you opt-in to providing that information to us during device set-up. You can find that setting here under "Device Feedback." If you do not wish to provide this information, I would suggest disabling this feature. If enabled, the firebox or service will attempt to send data to the server closest to you, and preferably in the same country if possible.

    (Define Firebox Global Settings)

    The use of some cloud based services requires that information be sent to the WatchGuard cloud.

    WatchGuard does not have the ability to make accounts on your device. There is a built-in "support" and "wg-support" account, but those accounts are only enabled if you enable them. The passwords are also only shared with us if you share them. The firewall also governs access via firewall policies, which by default allows no access from external sources unless you specify them.

    For more information regarding Support Access, please see our documentation-
    (Enable Support Access)

    There are no back doors enabled on the system, unless configured and enabled by the local administrator.

    -Software Origin.
    Fireware and other services are based off of proprietary and some open source software. You can find more information related to software origin here:

    If you have any additional questions or concerns, I would suggest opening a support case with the support team so that they can be answered for you:
    (Support Center)

    Thank you,

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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