12.6.2 - Modifying/Adding Alias removes non-related Alias from existing Policy

Has anyone else seen it where you modify an existing Alias (add/remove IP) or create a new Alias and it will then remove Aliases from other policies? I caught it when trying to modify an alias for Watchguard support and tried to save the updated config. I was warned 5 or 6 policies had 'None' in either the From or To field. This is on a M670 Cluster


  • WatchGuard fixed it in WSM 12.6.2U1 they released today

  • yep

    12.6.2 U1 seems to fix this issue

  • There are no release notes or any indication in FSM > Help > About that this is an "Update 1" version, so for anyone interested, it will show build 628957.

    Gregg Hill

  • The 12.6.2 Release Notes have been updated, showing 5 changes in WSM Policy Manager.

  • Never mind! I was looking for WSM-specific release notes, not realizing that they are clumped in with the Fireware release notes.

    Gregg Hill

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