Fireware 12.6.2

If I upgrade to firmware 12.6.2 from 12.5.2 will this effect the Mobile SSL Client 12.5.2? Will I need to reinstall the Client on everyone's computer?


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    SSLVPN users will see a prompt asking if the want to upgrade, but this is not required.

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    I had yesterday during the clusterupgrade on our M440 (from 12.5.4. to 12.6.2) the issue, that i lost an interface (it wasn't physically down, but it didn't send any packets). I could finally assign a new vlan interface instead the old physical one to gain my connections to our server network.

    I could reproduce the hint from the watchguard knowledgebase today. Our interface had a MTU of 5000. After the MTU change to 1500 I got the interface back on our cluster.

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