12.6.2 DHCP server problems


I updated an M370 from 12.5.4 to 12.6.2 yesterday and began experiencing increasing numbers of DHCP problems with connected systems. I have 4 VLANs configured in the M370 with DHCP enabled on each. After the upgrade, systems started to go offline for what appears to be an inability to get an IP address. Some of these systems eventually would get an address; others not. Restarting the affected systems did not seem to help in all cases.

After rolling back to 12.5.4, all of these problems disappeared and all is well again. Has anyone else experienced DHCP problems with 12.6.2? All of the connected systems that experienced the DHCP problem are connected wired/wirelessly through Ubiquiti APs and a switch. I can't be certain, but I did not see problems with any of the wired systems connected through Cisco switches.



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