Dimension vs Log/Report Server

Hi, M270 v12.3

We're currently using Log/Report Server, I heard that Dimension is the one to be replaced. One question I have is that whatever features it's in Log/Report Server will it be in the dimension like webblocker, quarantine, etc..?



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    Dimension V2.1.2 was just announced today.
    Dimension has been around since late 2013.

    See the Logging and Reporting with Dimension section (starting on page 124) in the Introduction to WatchGuard Dimension v2.1 doc.

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    Thank you.

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    edited April 2019

    My view is that Dimension is the best add-on for WatchGuard - it really makes troubleshooting etc much easier. However, I wish that they would update Dimension to allow the underlying VM to enable dynamic memory and multiple CPUs. When you try to do queries over months of data, it can get very slow even with a Xenon processor.

    Adrian from Australia

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