Getting ready to purchase new M270s to replace XTM515's

I am trying to read up on the additional options going with Advanced Security vs Basic security, but would appreciate others opinions on which security package you may have gone with. Currently using a basic version on the 515's
Back to reading.... thanks for any thoughts on the matter :)


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    The Advanced Security services that I consider of importance are APT Blocker, IntelligentAV & DNSWatch. The 1st 2 can protect against unknown exploits.
    The 3rd can help protect your users from accessing especially bad sites.

    Clearly, from posts here, a number of sites are using Access Portal and/or Threat Detection and Response, and may well indicate that those features are very important to them.

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    I use the smaller and older tabletop devices that don't support IntelligentAV, but I do use Threat Detection & Response and APT Blocker. I used DNSWatch once when it was still in its infancy, and it went down, taking down my biggest client's Internet access. I have not trusted it since then. I could just enable it but not have it enforced as I did before, but I need to test that on my own network first. Total Security also includes 30 days of cloud logging vs. just one day.

    My goal is NEVER to sell a Firebox without Total Security.

    Gregg Hill

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    Thanks for your thoughts Bruce and Gregg, I will recommend that we do go with Total security to my supervisor.

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