Newsletter redirection issue

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Dear all,

We receive several newsletters via email that we want our users to have access to but they direct us first to a link that meets the "web and email marketing category" that we block. For example:

Newsletter from financials time:

email sent from info@stories-features.ft.com

If we click on the "to view online click here" button it directs to:


that is not permitted as it meets the "web and email marketing category"

but IF it was permitted it would redirect you to:


that is normally permitted

Any idea how we could bypass such scenarios?



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    You can add Allow exceptions to WebBlocker.
    Not sure of adding one for track-ft.sparkpostelite.com/* would be acceptable to your site or not.

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    Thx Bruce for your answer. The issue is that this time was sparkpostelite.com but they may use another domain next time. How this could match all possible changes?

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    No idea without more examples.
    Perhaps track-ft..com/ would work.

    You have to allow the initial web access in order for the redirect to happen from the destinaion web server.

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