VPN clients cannot communicate with each other

We have Mobile SSLVPN setup using bridge.
We have a virtual ip pool of
Local Network is

I have setup a policy that allows communication between the local network and the vpn pool. All vpn users can access local resources and i can access the vpn client should they need help to fix a problem. So far so good.

The issue i'm having is that sometimes i'm not on the local network and someone using the vpn needs help on their pc, so i vpn in but i cannot communicate with the vpn user. I have tried pinging, tracert, rdp etc but nothing is being sent and nothing pops up on the traffic monitor. it just says Destination host unreachable in cmd. I have created numerous policies such as having the ssl group access it own ssl group, but nothing works.

At the moment i have gotten around this by; vpn into the network, open a rdp session into my local computer and open another rdp session on the local computer to the vpn client.

this works for some users but others don't the luxury of a fast and high bandwidth internet connection.

So is it possible to allow vpn clients to communicate directly with each other?
i know other vpn products allow this, does watchguard?



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    Seems like you have tried all of the obvious workarounds.
    For the record, what XTM version are you running?

    If you have a current support contract, consider opening a support incident on this.

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    It's a T30 running fireware 12.5.4


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