Talk about ruining a great resource

I don't know who approved removing the old forums in place of this, but they should be fired. The forum used to be a great resource. This is terrible and I am quite sure this is the last time I will come here.


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    The old forum is still available, at least for a while.

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    benpmbenpm WatchGuard Representative

    I'm fairly certain there's been discussion about finding a way to improve the forum since blackberrys were popular glorified pagers. While there's a chance you don't come back to read this, please share what you liked about the old forums that you don't have here, or what you think makes this new community terrible.

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    Many, many comments over the years about the deficiencies of the Forum.
    Here are some threads:
    New Forum - fix the problems
    oh mer gerd fix the forum

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    I mostly like the presentation of this forum. I like the "like" button, because it provides feedback on the level of interest by others on a comment/question. This should help WatchGuard to focus their support, documentation and possibly marketing people's efforts toward the issues that are of interest or concern to their customers and partners.

    Adrian from Australia

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    Would be nice to see all the old forum history imported into the new format so we can continue to search in one spot. Old forums had a LOT of good material.

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    I second being able to see or importing the old forum history, a TON of information to your customers will be lost if they are removed.

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    YES, please import the 'old forum history'. It was an invaluable resource of material. I always found answers without having to ask questions...aka...someone else usually had the same question before myself and asked the question already. Now there is NOTHING!

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    The old Forum is still around - primarily for searching on old posts.

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    THANK YOU! Bruce.

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    I came back to find some of my old posts where I solved some issues or started discussions on them, and found this instead. :(

    While the old forum system was dated by modern standards and didn't fit into the whole new 'corporate big wig' thinking of how support should be looking (like this place), it worked and I found answers and solutions. This facebook oriented system is a huge step backwards--netgear lost 90% of their community traffic when they switched to this type of system.

    For here, metric-wise, I'm sure there will be an increase in traffic, but it will be a bunch of people who post once and then never come back, and that's not a community, but a shout in the dark for help and the disappointment from not getting any. Having solutions that people could find and read was the real draw of the old forums, and it benefited not only the people looking for answers, but also Watchguard since there were less support costs.

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    I miss the "old forum" and it's LONG list of history.
    I had some questions answered and I marked them for reference so that I could easily come back to them if I needed them; now they're gone.

    I come here looking for answers and there are very few to be found. It appears the amount of participants has drastically decreased and so are the questions and potential answers.

    I find this new forum no where near as informative and useful. Yes, I can still ask questions but that's just the point. I seldom had to ask a question because there was so much useful information I could find my answer without asking a question, plus I could always find so much useful information from other questions that I might not have asked. (or needed to ask)


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    I made a semi-lengthy post earlier.

    Problem #1: the Image URL function simply does not work. I wanted to post some in-line images but it would not add them, I had to settle for URL links.

    Problem #2: I came back later to add some addition info to the post. I clicked Edit, made my changes and then saved... AND MY POST COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED!?!? WTF? Not going to bother re-writing it.

    This is the first time I've used this new(ish?) forum and I have to say I'm extremely underwhelmed.

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    edited November 2020

    re: your attempted post on the "SMTP with TLS" topic

    "When there are multiple Proxy Server type certs, how do you specify which is the default? I just ran into this problem trying to get SMTP TLS working. "

    When you start an import a Proxy Server cert from Firebox System Manager, you get 2 options:
    . Yes, import as default Proxy Server
    . No, import as another Proxy Server

    Does this answer your question?

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    That link no longer works.
    It did for a while in 2019.

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