Dimension Not Connected: Socket Error

I have followed the directions for adding a Firebox Cluster to Dimension for management repeatedly, it gets added with logging but refuses to connect for management. Pretty much at the point of giving up

Is there any advantage or should I keep banging my head against this wall? I'm very new to Watchguards, and I've read about the Management Server - would I be better off using that for management instead of Dimensions, and just use Dimensions for reports?


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    RalphRalph WatchGuard Representative

    Hello Louis,

    In Firebox System Manager / Traffic Monitor Or in webUI, Dashboard / Traffic Monitor, filter for dxcp while trying to enable Dimension Command. This will shed more light on the issue.

    Dimension Management is pretty limited compared to the Management Server which is a full blown command center. in Command, the only thing you get is: enhanced device reports, webUI tunnel access and VPN tunnels.


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    Thanks Ralph - so if I want a non-Web UI management console, I'd be better off using the Management Server than Dimensions it sounds like?

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    Thanks to both of you

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