Problem with Authentication Gateway 12.5.4 (maybe a bug??)

Dear All,

We're running Fireware 12.5.4 in a firebox cluster (active/failover). We are also using Authentication Gateway 12.5.4, installed on two servers (primary/secondary) along with Active Directory 2016 for Single Sign On and Event Log Monitoring purposes. This setup runs for many years without problems - with previous versions of Authentication Gateway.

After upgrading Authentication Gateway version to 12.5.4 we have frequent issues where users fail to authenticate via SSO and they have to use Authentication Portal in order to be identified as valid users. Starting and stopping the WG Authentication Gateway processes on the servers does not resolve the problem. Also failover between the servers either manually or through the Policy Manager does not solve the problem.

A downgrade of Authentication Gateway to version 12.4 seems to be a working solution for us. We've tested and 12.4 seems to be working whereas the other server (with 12.5.4 version of WG AuthGateway) still has problems.

Please let me know if anyone has similar problems or if this is a known issue on version 12.5.4 of Authentication Gateway

Best Regards,


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