How do I create Ping (ICMP 8 255) via CLI policy-type

Hi, Hope someone else has come across this,
Everytime I try to create Ping (IMCP type 8 code 255) using the cli method I keep getting the type back as 0 not 8 or anything else, the only options you have are like below
policy-type testping1 protocol icmp Echo_Reply 255
policy-type testping1 protocol icmp Echo_Request 255
or policy-type testping1 protocol icmp Any 255
each time they always show as the below

service-single/protocol(icmp):type(0) code(255)
It doesn't matter which type you select it always comes back with the type as 0
Kind Regards

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    Thanks Juan, it's good to know it is a bug and I'm not going mad :)

    I am working on a CLi script for a large conversion from another vendor to watchguard and I was trying to add the Ping to the current custom policy template as well as the other TCP and UDP ports, the only way I can see of doing this is to create the policy-type protocol ICMP (0) , (255)

    I haven't got as far as the actual rule creation bit, but many thanks for the tip on the policy creation
    Kind Regards

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