Connecting T-15 Firebox Directly to ISP

I purchased a new Firebox T-15 a month ago and had my Verizon FIOS service upgraded to 200 Mbs. I would like to place the Verizon router behind the firewall so I can connect wirelessly after the traffic goes through the Firewall. Can you connect the Firebox directly to the ethernet cable (WAN port) and receive traffic directly? If so, do you have a guide/description of how to configure the Firewall?


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    I did this exactly at my last house.
    It was straight forward - just set up external for DHCP, and it should work with the default settings on the firewall.

    What issue are you having?

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    Opps - sorry.
    I put my firewall behind the FIOS router.
    I am not aware of a way to have a WG firewall in front of a FIOS router.
    Just add a consumer grade AP behind your firewall, or live with Wifi from the FIOS router.

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