Unknown power supplies

While doing an office cleanup, I found two WatchGuard firewall power supplies, but I cannot figure out what Fireboxes they powered. I never had any other WatchGuard products other than firewalls, so they have to be for that.

Part # 140-3335-001

Part # 140-3695-001

These could be for seriously old firewalls or for more recent models. Google finds a lot for sale, but I couldn't find anything saying what they originally powered.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Gregg Hill


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    The 1st one seems to be for a XTM 21-23 from what I saw from Internet searches.
    I don't have any of those older tabletop units anymore.

    The 2nd is for an XTM 25-26. I have an old one and that is the power supply model info for it.

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    Wow. I knew they were old! Thank you, Bruce! I couldn't get a Google result that showed model numbers. I just dug out an old XTM 23-W and it matches the 140-3335-001 charger. Perfect. Now I know that I can toss them!

    Gregg Hill

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