Authpoint API and Freeradius

Hi. Has anybody managed to get the Watchguard API working with Freeradius? I have the Watchguard API set up and I can access it using PostMan, so that seems to be correct, and I have a working version of Freeradius on my network, I know this because I have a Firebox account which is validated through my Freeradius server. But getting the right parameters into the Rest module of Freeradius is just beyond me. They say all the documentation you need is in the module as comments - yeah right. I would love to add 2FA into my VPN login.
Why Freeradius? Because I don't have a Windows server on my internal network to run the Gateway, and there is no Linux version of the Gateway available.

If somebody has done this, a snip from your config file would be a great help. Thanks.

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