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@James_Carson said:

Hi @wad11656
By CWM do you mean connectwise?
The firebox itself is what has the connectwise integration -- the APs are either managed in the cloud, or by the firebox.
The data you posted is just the feature key -- or the license for the firewall. Depending on the type of AP they have, it may not have one, or it'll just say something like "Feature: Basic Wifi" -- there's not really any other features there for it.
What specific data are you looking to get?
We have integration guides here that go over what questions and templates can be set up with connectwise and the firebox:
(Integrate Your Firebox with ConnectWise)
(ConnectWise Integration Guide)

Hi James,

Thank you for your reply. We run warranty reports for our customers so we can produce hardware replacement plans. Our warranty/QBR software (Propel Your MSP) pulls Connectwise Configurations. We therefore need WatchGuard's "Activation Date" and "Expiration Date"

The Access Points should sync to Connectwise as Configurations, and the Activation Date and Expiration Date should fall into Connectwise's Purchased and Expires columns, respectively. We also need the AP's Name and Serial to map to Connectwise:

I looked at those links you provided before posting here, and I think I only found info on syncing Firewalls.

We actually have WarrantyMaster in our wheelhouse, which can grab Access Point expirations for devices in Connectwise and sync them back to Connectwise. Right now, that process requires manually entering the AP Configurations into Connectwise individually. At minimum, it would be excellent for WatchGuard API to sync Access Point names + serials to Connectwise. Then we can sync their Expiration dates with WarrantyMaster.

We really look forward to possible solutions for syncing Access Points to Connectwise with their Name+Serial+Activation+Expiration dates info.

Thank you


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