Upgrading the M200 to M470


I'm using M200 configuration file on M470 with 8 port copper and after applying the Feature Key I got an interface error. How can enable the 8th port?


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    How did you do the config save?
    Using WSM Policy Manager?
    Did you change the model number too?

    An interface error could be a bad port.
    You should open a support incident.
    If it is bad hardware, you can get a replacement via a support incident.

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    Yeah, I used WSM to save a configuration. I think I asked my question incorrectly. The WatchGuard M470 has optional Module (8x 1 GB Copper), But in Network Configuration I just can see 8 Gb (included) interface. How can I enable those optional interfaces?

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    From the hardware docs:

    The Firebox M470, M570, and M670 also have a slot where you can install an additional interface module.

    To add more interfaces to your Firebox M470, M570, or M670, you can install an interface module in the interface module slot. You must install the interface module before you can configure the interfaces. For instructions to install or remove interface modules, see “Interface Module Installation” on page 20.

    https://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/hardware guides/Firebox_M370_470_570_670_Hardware_Guide.pdf

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    If you inserted the optional interface module, did you install the correct type?

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    Thanks Bruce! It was misunderstanding between technician and I which I thought the optional module was already installed but it wasn't. After installation I could see the optional interfaces and I could configure them.

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