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Gill_McDonaldGill_McDonald WatchGuard Representative

The WatchGuard Community is a great place for WatchGuard Customers and Partners to come and share information, discuss network security, get assistance with the setup and configuration of their WatchGuard product and troubleshoot any issues they may have. We encourage you to participate, share useful tips and help each other where possible.

We have put together the following guidelines to help ensure our community is a useful, safe place where our Customers can get help, share knowledge and discuss industry trends.

Community Do's:

DO: Use the community as a place to find information on WatchGuard products and Network Security and a place to share relevant, on-topic content with other users.
DO: Share experiences, tips and knowledge which could help current and new WatchGuard Customers and Partners.
DO: Treat other community users with respect and respect other people’s views.
DO: Report any content or interactions you’re unsure of. If you spot anything which may be against community guidelines and hasn’t already been dealt with, please report it to our Moderators.
DO: Welcome newcomers to the community.
DO: Check if your question has been answered or topic has been covered already on the WatchGuard Community before posting.

Community Don'ts:

DON’T: Post inappropriate content which could deemed as threatening, harassment, obscene, discriminating, unlawful, racist, sexist or ‘adult’.
DON’T: Advertise your business or blog, or spam the community.
DON’T: Post personal information such as your email address, postal address, phone number or bank details.
DON'T: Post any specific information related to your network or firebox configuration including ip addresses, network diagrams, device access information, device configuration.
DON’T: Say something that you wouldn’t say to a person’s face. Be respectful and remember we are all human beings with feelings.
DON’T: Ignore our guidelines. These guidelines are in place to keep the WatchGuard Community a fun, productive and safe environment for all users.

Reporting abuse – when and how to do this:

If you believe that someone has violated any of our community do's or don’ts, please notify the WatchGuard Community Moderators. You can do this by clicking the flag icon next to the post which you deem to have broken the rules. Moderators will then intervene and resolve the situation.

Gill McDonald | WatchGuard Representative
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.


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    Does promoting your business include making the community aware of a security related IT position using WatchGuard products? This is an end-user role.
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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Alan_Mercer If you have a job posting, I would suggest sharing it with via a job site (like LinkedIn) where WatchGuard maintains a presence. The support forums would not be an appropriate place for that content.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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