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Today we had a couple of times that our SSL VPN connections dropped, and it appeared (through pinging the interface to our ISP) that it could have been related to an issue with connectivity to the ISP. Does anyone know what events to search for in Dimension to help identify any potential issues with connectivity to the ISP? I tried the interface name (eth0) and terms like "down" and "disconnect" but did not really find anything helpful.



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    For an interface which goes down, there could be a number of log messages, including ones like this:

    2020-07-09 14:20:52 networkd [eth0 (External)] Interface link status changed to down msg_id="3100-002C" Event
    2020-07-09 14:20:53 link-mon [Link Monitor] External interface failed because a probe to the target host failed msg_id="4900-0003" Event
    2020-07-09 14:20:53 networkd [eth0 (External)] Interface is deactivated due to link-monitor failure. msg_id="3100-000D" Event
    2020-07-09 14:20:53 networkd [eth0 (External)] Deactivating external interface msg_id="3100-0047" Event

    However, if it is just dropped packets, you generally won't see any log messages unless you have Link Monitor set up on your external interface, and there are a lot of dropped packets.

    In Firebox System Manager -> Status Report, Interfaces section, you can see if there are errors or collisions etc. on your external interface. If none, then it is not an issue with the connection between the firewall and the ISP device.
    And thus one would assume somewhere upstream from the firewall.

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