VPN for student laptops

Hey there!

Can I deploy the VPN client software using a master hd image?? Got 500+ student laptops (Windows 10) and we look to do more remote learning this Fall.



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    You can install the SSLVPN client and/or set up the Windows IKEv2 VPN connection on your HD image master.

    Make sure that your firewall model supports 500+ concurrent client VPN connections.

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    Thanks, Bruce. Yes, we have a license with well over 500 for VPN's.

    Basically, I need our student laptops to see our KMS for Windows and Office activation and domain controller servers for pwd resets.

    Do you see the VPN solution allowing this to happen??

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    A VPN client access which uses AD for authentication can’t reset an already expired AD password.

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    How about a forgotten password? (students, ya know)

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    No - just like they forget their AD password.
    They need Helpdesk help then.

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