What are this files.(Wg_tdr_critical_file)? Its appear a lot in my document folder. Further check the name is similar with all files in the !TDR.Bin folder. Why is it in my document folder if it suppose to be ni the !tdr.bin folder.? Can i delete it which in my document folder.?


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    RyanTaitRyanTait WatchGuard Representative

    The TDR host sensor creates hidden directories in several locations on the file system. Documents folder, Desktop, c:\ and a few other locations. These folders contain files for the host sensor to monitor for suspicious activity and are required for Host Ransomware Protection to work.

    The files can't be deleted. If you remove the directories the host sensor will just recreate them. We recommend to not show hidden files and folders if these directories are causing concern for your users.

    Ryan Tait | Support Engineer
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

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