Log server limit for number of connected fireboxes?

I'm setting up a new watchguard log server and have about 400-500 fireboxes reporting to it. Everything was going smoothly until i noticed there seems to be a cap at 100 fireboxes that are able to be currently connected to the Log Server. Is there a device # cap? I'm under my maximum database size, log server / report server sizes, individually and have plenty of space on the pc hard drive. Is there a known limit to the # of devices that can connect to Log Server?

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    Thanks @James_Carson. Yeah, we ended up going with Dimension for our logging. Also, one of your techs did some digging and found there's an .ini file determines the max connections to Log Server and it's by default set at '100'. So i guess it is configurable, but at that point it probably won't function well.

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