Duplicate, please ignore - About every 2s , I get 4 x "Deny src_ip= dst_ip= pr=67/udp"

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Duplicate, please ignore -

About every 2 seconds, I get the following on my second external port:
(It repeats 4 times)

"Deny src_ip= dst_ip= pr=67/udp src_port=0 dst_port=0 src_intf=2-External-2 dst_intf=Firebox msg=Denied pckt_len=328 ttl=128 policy=(Unhandled External Packet-00) proxy_action= proc_id="firewall" rc="101" msg_id="3000-0148" Traffic"

ATT happens to be the provider, if it matters.

Note: Ethernet Interface 0 has Spectrum as the provider and I do not get these errors/denial messages like this on that interface.

It looks like DHCP, but the interface (interface 2) is setup as a static.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for your time.

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