Can't see where to monitor/view connected wireless clients on T15-W

I have tried looking in the Gateway Wireless Controller tab in the System Manager. This is on a T15-W using the built in wireless (no WG APs) and I can't see any connected clients. I have clicked on the botton Wireless Clients at the bottom.

Am I missing something or do I need to look elsewhere?

Thanks as always for any help


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    Gateway Wireless Controller is for connected APs.
    From the docs:
    "From the Gateway Wireless Controller, you can monitor the connection status and activity on your WatchGuard APs"

    You can see the wireless clients listed in the Web UI -> System Status -> Wireless Statistics.
    I don't see this option in WSM Firebox System Manager.

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    Thanks for that. This is the answer. Quite an oversight not putting this into the main WSM FB Systems Manager

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