Long time RFE never reviewed

I've had an RFE out there for 2-3 years that has sat in "BUG/RFE is open and awaiting Engineering review" status.

No one has looked at it or done anything with it. Watchguard needs something like uservoice where people can vote on issues that matter most to them or else they risk being another company that thinks it knows what it customers want more than they do. This forum is a good start but it doesn't solve the issue of being deaf to customer needs.

Here is the RFE if you want it RFE91374. Even if the RFE gets reviewed/denied/approved now, the problem that it sat for that long without getting looked at is more of a problem than the RFE itself.


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    Only 2-3 years?
    You are lucky - I have a number which go back to 2015.

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    Beta testers get a lot of attention. Not all recommendations get implemented, but they listen. Consider becoming a beta tester if you are an IT admin.

    Rather than making me go look up that RFE, why not just post what it is?

    Gregg Hill

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