AP325 disappeared from my XTM 515

WG XTM 515 / WSM /FSM 12.1.3u3
One of our AP's(325) disappeared from our XTM 515, GWC managed.
I also have an AP200 that shows unreachable, same XTM box.

The AP325 is working (so to speak), it's broadcasting and you get connected but don't get internet (incorrect IP address). It's not showing up as a connected AP in my Firebox.

I reset it by unplugging the POE but that hasn't done anything for seeing it in my firebox.

Our AP200 started acting up at the same time, both this morning, It's broadcasting, you get connected but get a wrong IP address also, no internet.
It does show up in my GWC but it says "unreachable".

It's interesting that both act up at about the same time.
I'll need to get a lift for either to do a hard reset so I haven't done that yet.

Any known problems with either of these?


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    Make sure that in GWC -> Settings -> Discovery Broadcasts - that "Disable automatic discovery of Watchguard Access Points" is not selected.

    You should open a support incident on this to get help from a WG rep in fixing this

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    Thanks Bruce;
    "Disable auto discovery" wasn't checked so I'll be contacting support on this one, AP325.

    I did another reset, removed/unpaired the AP200 and now it can't be found.
    My AP200 is out of support so maybe it's time for a newer one!

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    My mistake apparently.

    While doing some prep work to add additional SSIDs and VLANs to our network, I changed the port mode on our Cisco switches from "Static Access" to "802.1Q Trunk" and that seems to have broken my connection to our Firebox.

    I thought that should have been the correct setup; I'm new to adding multiple SSIDs / VLANs so I've been going slow.

    I setup an additional VLAN/SSID in one building and it worked, I was duplicating what I did but it didn't work so I'm must be missing something.

    I am going from one building to another via/through multiple switches...hint, hint, my problem!?

    What is the suggested setup for WifI, multiple SSIDs w/VLANs going through Cisco switches? My switches in different buildings are connected via fiber.

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    edited June 2020

    I'm not a Cisco guy.

    To me, a trunk port usually contains a number of VLANs and needs to connect to another trunk port

    An access port sends and receives untagged frames (i.e. all frames are in the same VLAN), while a trunk port supports tagged frames and thus allows to switch multiple VLANs.


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    Thanks Bruce,
    Your explanation makes sense (you shed some light on my setup) when I look at how things were setup by the people who setup our switches.

    This might be better as a separate post/conversation.

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