SD Wan using two different ISP, and selective routing


I have a setup using two completely different ISPs, connected as an SD Wan, this all works.

But I have a requirement that one of the servers on the trusted has to use a specific ISP to route its SMTP traffic only.

So I would have thought that I could have just added a policy which catches SMTP traffic from that host IP and passes it to a specific external interface rather than 'any-external' with a SD-Wan, enforcing this requirement.

This, however, doesn't seem to work, and it still sends to whichever SDWan interface is being used.

How could I do this?

Many thanks


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    Add a SD-WAN action selecting the desired interface, such as External-2.
    On your outgoing SMTP policy, select "Route outgoing traffic using SD-WAN routing" and select the above new SD-WAN action.

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    Many thanks for your reply, I have done this, so now I have

    1) A new SDWAN which contains only one interface, the desired routing interface
    2) A SMTP outgoing policy linking to this SDWAN

    But it seems to still not work, is there another setting needed?

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    None that I can think of.
    Consider opening a support incident so that a WG rep can look at your config and help get this working.

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