VLAN Setup

Are VLAN's easy to setup? I have a M370 Firebox. I took over IT duties and there's currently 2 VLAN's on the firebox now and I'd like to create one more for the purpose of having more IP's to hand out to devices and not be caught off guard that I do not have any available.


  • Yes, very easy, especially because they are already in use (I am assuming that their existence means they are being used).

    Gregg Hill

  • And you could change the subnet net mask from a /24 to a larger one such as a /25 (as long as it does not overlap an existing subnet) to provide twice as many IP addrs for that subnet.

  • I currently have the following 2 VLANs.

    DataVLAN /23
    VoiceLAN /24

    I have more data devices than I do voice devices. Should I change the DataVLAN /23 to something else, but if I do that would that overlap with the VoiceLAN?

  • DataVLAN
    valid IP addrs: - or 510 IP addrs

    You can't change the subnet mask to /22 as it will overlap the VoiceLAN

  • Depending upon why you even have a voice VLAN, it may be easier to change it completely, say to Then do whatever you want with the data VLAN sizing. In my experience, changing data VLANs is more involved due to printers, server, and other things with static IP addresses vs. just phones that usually don't matter what IP they get, unless their controller is on site.

    Gregg Hill

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