CENTOS - host_sensor - high CPU utilization

I've got the host sensor ( installed on 3 CENTOS servers.
On 2 of the server (CENTOS Version 7.6.1810) the host sensor has very high CPU usage.
When I watch in TOP it's normally over 40%

The third server (CENTOS Version 7.1.1503) CPU is normally below 20%.. still seems higher that it should be.

Any ideas on what to do, or where to look?


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    RyanTaitRyanTait WatchGuard Representative

    Good morning,

    In general, the TDR host sensor will use more CPU on active systems like servers. As a first step, identity the locations of high process and file activity and create exclusions for those directories.

    Examples would be, Database server directories, install and content directories for high use applications, backup directories.

    If you don't see any improvement after creating some exclusions please open a technical support case and include the host sensor log file from /opt/watchguard/amd64/

    Ryan Tait | Support Engineer
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

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