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  • I have a firebox in one building and an ap327x directly connected to it in another building. There is no switch at the building with the ap and it may be moved to a pole at some point. On the ap, bridge mode for ssids don’t have an option to utilize…
  • Thanks guys,
    WG Support was excellent and we got the vlans working.

    We left the AP cloud managed and left the wireless gateway controller disabled on the firebox. We set up matching vlans on the ap and firebox and applied policies…
  • Thank you for your help. Could you please confirm that if I setup bridged ssids and vlan tagging using the gateway wireless controller on the firebox then I would have to change the AP to firebox managed from wifi cloud managed? I would lose several…
  • I was hoping the firebox could differentiate the vlan tags and apply an alias to them or something like that while keeping the ssids and wips, etc in the cloud.

    I will have to look into cloud policies for the vlans. The wifi cloud is new…
  • Thanks. It looks like WIPs is vital. I guess I just assumed the Total Security included wips. I was about to purchase a ap327x for an ap but now I think I have to have a wips capable device. The ap327x can’t be both an access point and wips device a…
  • I still need to find out if default packet handling on the firebox does in fact process udp over https? If it does, threshold settings on the firebox might come into play from what I see in the doc. 25% packets dropped between threshold and twice th…
  • Thanks Bruce.

    I’d like to find out what thresholds Panda triggers at for udp flood alerts and if possible how many packets Panda is seeing. I need to determine if these alerts are false positives or not.
  • I think I put too many specifics into this thread.

    To narrow it down, I’d like to simply ask what people’s thoughts are with both Webblocker and Dnswatch on the same firebox? thanks
  • A problem I am having is sometimes dnswatch stops something and sometimes web blocker stops something. I see this on the corresponding watchguard block web pages. And some youtube videos gives a generic block page with something like “contact your g…
  • Great suggestions. I was going to run outdoor rated cat 6 wired tied to an existing coax in the air between two poles but I was worried about lightning. I think I’m going to put the cat 6 in the ground. I like the MoCA 2.0 idea though. It’s only a 3…
  • Thanks Bruce, I’d like to confirm if true that I don’t need a wired data connection to the ap327x and I could connect to my t20-w on 2.4 and offer 2.4 and 5 at the same time from the ap327x.

  • The t20-w has only one radio I understand. I have 2.4Ghz devices near it and need distance over speed so it is setup for 2.4. I also need 2.4 at the second building. If I put 2.4 directional pointed to the t20-w am I limited to use the second rad…