• Hi Bruce_Briggs thanks for your comments, in fact, I see the same in Policy Manager so I'll open a support incident. thanks again and have a merry christmas
  • Authentication Server is Firebox-DB for all users. there are two groups created (by system I think) L2TP-Users and PPTP-Users, but these groups only contain to these three users. In Servers TAB there are defined five servers (Firebox, RADIUS, SecurId, LDAP and Active Directory) all of then disabled except Firebox. I've…
  • Thanks Greggmh123 for reply, In this sense I have a bug. In Users and Groups I see 4 users in firebox-db; When I go to Authentication > Servers > Firebox-DB, there are only three users except the one I need to remove... where can this user be hidden? regards