• thanks a lot, I'll open a new support case.
  • well, I found out it, like Bruce written, the checkbox is checked, but "Per Client Report" always is empty (No data available), every thing I search. How do I resolve it? thanks
  • I found out it, in a policy exists in other policy doesn't exist... watchguard system manager is 12.5.0, while the firmware is 12.3.1. the policy "HTTP-proxy" e "HTTPS-proxy" doesn't show that checkbox, while other like "Outgoing" shows that checkbox. Why?
  • I don't konw the differents but I use Fireware policy manager in order to create a policy. In every policy I use "Send a log message", not "Send a log message for reports", maybe is it the differents? where is the message "Send a log message for reports"? thanks
  • I found out the "Per client report" menù but everything i search I always obtain "No reports available for the selected criteria." Why?????? how do I attack a file into this post? so I show you that I see.