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  • Ah. Good to know. We are using Rackspace service for our external mail server, non-Exchange version. I'm not pleased with their mail filtering, constant false positives and false negatives. This would be a nice feature though in Spamblocker. Its monitoring the emails already so why not have it look at the originating IP…
  • We are not using TLS encrypted IMAP. I did try changing the action to inspect and sure enough the email client brought up a pop-up to trust the cert. So I'd prefer not going this route of TLS encryption. I don't think the spamblocker is properly running in the IMAP policy. Here's a sample from the traffic monitor:…
  • I click on the firewall policy "IMAP-Proxy" and under the Proxy action tab the action is assigned to "IMAP-Client.Standard.1" which was created by the spamBlocker wizard. Under that Proxy Action tab, then under the TLS tab it shows "Content Inspection Summary (Inspection: Off)". Is that correct? Under TLS Profile it is…
  • Thanks for the prompt reply. Everything is showing as zero results under spamBlocker at that Dashboard > Subscription Services. Our email service is hosted by Rackspace and majority of our computers are running Outlook. When watching the Traffic Monitor, I see tons of IMAP using port 993. I've tried searching for SMTP and…