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  • @Bruce_Briggs Hmmm the date I installed 12.5.4 and the over aggressive spam filtering do seem to line up. I can't speak to whether it improves detection of actual spam or not, but the new engine is definitely doing a worse job in the false positive department. I've taken to spending about 2 hours a week lately going…
  • Thanks for the feedback. I have put in a feature request to see if anything can be done from the quarantine server side. On the same note, has anyone noticed the spam filter seems to be extra "aggressive" for the last month or so? I would go weeks without having to release anything from the quarantine server, lately I've…
  • Hi @Bruce_Briggs and @Ralph Quick question related to this scenario: If the message is in the quarantine server is there any way to submit it as a false positive directly from there? I see that I can save the message as a TXT file, however the instructions for submitting says the file needs to be a EML or MSG file type.…
  • Hi James, Thanks for the follow up. Would be more than happy to answer :) We're open to the public and we let other organizations use our office space from time to time to meet with clients. When the other orginizations come into our facilities they connect through wifi. Not only do we have our own SSIDs for the varying…
  • My IPS signatures show Jan 18, however still getting hit with attacks. Can anyone confirm that WatchGuard can block it? Perhaps my firewall policy is just configured wrong?