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  • Thanks. Will try this.
  • I am using IKEv2 and SSLVPN. Each one on separate ISP. Both ISP are 1Gbps. Since we do have two IPS, dont know if we can say that both are busy same time. To my understanding, using different client for different ISP, separates only entry point. How…
  • Bruce - that is more of technical question than a issue. That is the reason we did not open a ticket for it. Thanks for your answer.
  • Any answer on this from WG or should i open a case for it?
  • We do see this on laptops, as soon as they are on wifi, out of business domain network, when try to get back on wired network, will not work anymore.
    in DNSWatch Comment by dritanb January 8
  • Thanks for the info. Question on another matter; is it possible to copy a policy and make changes after on different name?
  • here is what i find on logs: ProxyMatch ProxyDrop: SMTP header pri=6 disp=Deny policy=SMTP-proxy-IN-ACMH-00 protocol=smtp/tcp src_ip= src_port=17930 dst_ip= dst_port=25 src_intf=0-TW dst_intf=1-Trusted rc=594 proxy_act=SMTP-Inc…
  • Mail from rule: rule settings - pattern match : *@domain.org Action : drop Header Rule: rule settings - pattern match : *@domain.org * Action : drop I think i did follow WG resources for it.