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  • Uncanny. The first time I tapped your supplied link, it took me to a page describing how the license enforcement affects APs purchased before the policy went into effect. Now, I've tapped it, and it takes me to instructions on using the AP CLI. I think it's the same one in my bookmarks:…
  • Thanks Bruce, but the link doesn't give me info on command line access. I'll look it up, though. I just remembered a lesser known HTTP/https protocol component. The user name and password can be passed in the URL. For instance, https://user:[email protected] But that only works with basic authentication. Thanks again…
  • I apologize for not being clear. No changes were made to either the Firebox or AP. One day I was able to manage the AP300 with the GWC. A few days later, it was impossible. I would just like to know possible causes, and what can be done to fix the issue. Recently, the 'pay' features, which I don't use, expired. Since…
  • I'm pretty sure it's best practice to have SSIDs identified by channel, which would include the band. I didn't actually try it, but conducting Real-life tests with wifi meters or mobile-device-based wifi analyzers becomes problematic with 2 channels, one on 2.4 and one on 5, with identical SSIDs. Theoretically, it could…