• the server is behind the same 470, the client is outside on 5g i have a auto generated policy for Auth users to Any and a manual specifically for RDP from authorized users to internal it all works fine for other VPN types
  • Agh ... always something ... now the RDP is failing the syn check Oh well, i do have a case open, we'll see if WG can help
  • Bingo! the policy was the culprit. I was connecting internally, while the default only lists external! Thanks a bunch!
  • Thank you for your response! version 12.8 B659436 the dead link is from the article you've referenced (with my proper FB IP) "To download the .ovpn profile from the Firebox: Connect to the Firebox with a web browser over port 443, unless you configured a custom port number: https:///sslvpn.html or https://:/sslvpn.html"…