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  • Thanks! It's working now. And really appreciate the help on a Sunday night.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. As I mentioned, I'm using IKEv2 with Authpoint and it's connecting without any issues. I'm using a Radius Group for Authentication. I'm using port 1812. The policy 'Allow IKEvw-Users' uses the Radius Group for the FROM and Any for the TO. My Remote Desktop policy is configured with the same…
  • It doesn't work when I put VPN auth group in the FROM field. It only works when I put in my local IP (alias). Should the VPN auth group be the only item in the FROM field?
  • Thanks Bruce. I just created a new support case.
    in VPN on T35 Comment by Stubborn July 2019
  • Hi, I updated the feature key but I'm still not seeing a menu item for VPN. Please look at the following image of the feature key page to get an idea of what I'm seeing in the WebUI. Notice that the VPN option is not available from the menu. I also included a screenshot of the dashboard. Thanks…
    in VPN on T35 Comment by Stubborn July 2019
  • Thank you, Bruce and James. I will look into adding the feature key tomorrow and then let you know if I need any additional help.
    in VPN on T35 Comment by Stubborn July 2019