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  • hi Gregg, just got VPn working on my firebox. Thx for your help! i dont know what was theproblem exactly, i just uploaded a clean config and followed the wizard for configuring Mobile VPN with SSL. One thing to mention, i have downloade the lient fr…
  • Hi Gregg, Yes i can open the webpage and login, where i can download the client, but only HTTP, it says certificate is not valid.
  • Thx Greg for such a detailed answer. everything is configured as you stated. May the problem be in SSL Certificate? i assume if it is Mobile VPN with SSL, so it should be somewhere present/configured/added ? I am now reaching resellers support for …
  • Also i can see a connected user in WebUI System Statsu->Authentification list. it has ip Maybe it means it can not receive the ip address ?
  • Hi Gregg, Thank you for help. Firebox has static local IP. on External interface. Firebox is in Drop-in Mode. Firebox is in DMZ on ISP's router. Also ISP's router is a DHCP Server. Whne i go to Mobile VPN with SSL Wizard. i put a range…
  • Hi Buce, nothing special to be mentioned. 2019-11-29 15:21:47 sslvpn =========initialization OK========= 2019-11-29 15:21:47 firewall Flush of parp:bovpn in the filter table failed 2019-11-29 15:21:47 firewall Deletion of chain parp:bovpn in table …