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  • Yes, as I said in original post, network resolution works in Network Tools for devices in WSM. No other features are impacted. According to support it's: ID: FBX-16568 Description: Backup Master keeps trying to resolve DynDNS Provider I asked: &qu…
  • The XTM33 was on completely separate network, on 4G, in another state. Logging, and even tcpdump, haven't been helpful. I only get those messages, that's it.
  • Sure can. I've also: * Removed the DDNS configuration and saved to the Firebox, and then reconfigured DDNS and saved it again. Tried this for each member in FireCluster. * Restarted the entire FireCluster * Upgraded FireCluster to unreleased 12.6.2…
  • I'll be honest, this reminds me of when they required authentication to access the "Known Issues" section in the Fireware Release Notes years back, I wasn't very impressed with that either.
  • That doesn't help during the period where a release is pulled and a replacement release is issued, WatchGuard apparently sent an email to partners, I don't see why it couldn't have sent one to customers. You're not giving me any options I can utilis…
  • Hi @James_Carson Thanks for the information on new releases, but I'm concerned about pulled releases. I don't really want to make a web scrapper that constantly checks whatever endpoint the web UI uses or the download page itself but I will if I do…
  • @James_Carson I haven't opted out of WatchGuard alerts and software updates or WatchGuard general and education notices. Which category does this sort of thing fall under? Also, as @Bruce_Briggs mentioned, this issue doesn't appear to have been publ…
  • @James_Carson I'll open a ticket shortly then. Getting severe packet loss over Mobile SSL VPN and when RDP is running across it, packet loss goes to 100% without dropping OpenVPN tunnel. No firewall issues that I can see. I would like to know about…
  • Yes, we've started to have serious Mobile SSL VPN issues today out of the blue. Is it safe to rollback to Fireware 12.5.4 from 12.6.2? @Bruce_Briggs Also, I'd like to improve my processes, is there some feed to monitor or some subscription to get e…
  • @Ralph What is the status of that feature on a/the roadmap? I don't really want to maintain forever
  • @MikeKellner @Greggmh123 @Ralph @cjstark00 @James_Carson Proof of concept only.
  • I've written a PowerShell script that downloads the Microsoft 365 Endpoint Sets and creates Aliases for each and aliases for each Service Area + Port(s) Combo in a WatchGuard Profile Configuration XML. Tried to make it so it can update them in-place…
  • @Ralph What's happening with this? We either need to code up a solution ourselves or decide whether or not we continue with WatchGuard, what is the current status of this improvement?