• Okay figured it out. I have been unable to run my modem in bridge mode so I have assigned an IP to the firebox. I then set the DMZ to that IP address however I noticed now that the IP had changed. So all I did was update the DMZ to the new IP and set a reserve so this won't happen again. Man hours of my life!
  • No. Everything working from behind the firewall to internet but can't access local resources from outside the firewall. So I use port 443 to access a password manager on my NAS. When I try to connect to this resource from outside it is blocked. I am using an external website to scan the port. It shows as closed but as…
  • When you say igmp packets being denied do you mean it does not allow a port scan? If so this is not correct because before this started I could do a port scan and the port was showing as open and I also have a M290 with similar configuration which on the same port scan website the port is showing as open.
  • Thanks so much for the reply. I have done a reboot twice without resolution. Version is 12.5.11.B666392.
  • The main thing I connect to on my server is to a Synology NAS via Synology Drive and this intermittently stops working with failed connection which I can only imagine is a firewall problem. I would like to allow connections to this device from my trust devices under any circumstances.
  • Do you know if there is a way to allow all traffic from a trusted device by supplying their MAC address? I have numerous connections being blocked from my system and have no idea why. I wish I had a better understanding of all this. It is driving me crazy.
  • Thanks - not setup. Could you point me to a resource on how to set up a log server so that I can get more information to troubleshoot this problem.
  • Thanks. Could I ask a stupid question? Where can I see if logging is enabled and how do I access that log? If it is not active I will activate as the error is occurring constantly.
  • When I check this the report is: device Port scan attack 0 days 00:17:15 What I don't understand is this is coming from inside my network to and being blocked and it seems strange that it is occurring with every PC on my network to that external IP. I have installed remote management software…