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  • @James_Carson - Hi James, thanks for your reply, I will have a look into this and get back to you! That would certainly explain why I can't see anything in the traffic monitor!
  • Hi Bruce, thanks for your reply, sorry for the delay. I have checked the Traffic Monitor on the Firebox System Manager. I pinged the destination web address and put the ip address into the traffic monitor filter, but nothing came up. I put my own machine's IP address into the filter, nothing showing either. I successfully…
  • It was indeed something simple! Shazam! Rules removed! Thank you very much for your help!
  • I'd already looked into the GPO and the local firewall policies, so was pretty confident it wasn't those. I've actually figured this out (and I'm a bit embarrassed) - I'd opened the policies by going to the firewall system manager>policy manager. However, I realised it was working under a new xml file (strangely still had…
  • It definitely isn't. I forgot to mention, I can UNC from another VPN connected machine to my laptop, also connected via the VPN, but I cannot do it from our apps server, and thus applications like PDQ Deploy won't work on the machines over VPN, but it does when they're in the office.