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  • Thank you Chris. Im sorry i should have reported back sooner. After all the testing done from this forum it all lead us to believe it was not in the WatchGuard and it turned out it was not. We actually found a bug in the programming language having to do with a newer version of openssl. The WG was doing its job properly…
  • Question if your still around. If i am running IIS on the machine behind the WG, and the machine has the WG cert installed in its local store. Should i be able to call a script through the web browser on that machine and successfully send/receive from a secure API?
  • I have requested they check the logs for me. I do not think it is this one API considering i get the same behavior from any i try so far.
  • I will do a packet capture through the watchguard and post.
  • I dont see anything on the service. I have a wireshark packet capture, i have done about 25 of them, all of them do show a response ACK from the service IP. Dont worry about It is accross my VPN tunnel and sending to Box sending to API ISP DNS server 71.10.216.X
  • Ok i created this new HTTPS policy as described. I turned logging on to show in the traffic monitor. The traffic monitor shows the allow out using the newly created policy. Still not getting through to the API though.
  • Hey @"james.carson" thank you for the response. Would the default "outgoing" policy be used if the script is specifying HTTPS:// ? I see the allow in the traffic monitor when the script calls the api and it shows using the HTTPS-Proxy-00 policy. I thought maybe because the policy was only using Any-Trusted as the "From"…