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  • So at least we now know that this is an official bug and WatchGuard engineering are working on a fix which may come out as a CSP release for 12.5.3 (here's hoping) @James_Carson thank you for all your help with this :)
  • Received the following update from WatchGuard Support: My name is ******** and I have been tasked with following up on your case. My office hours are 4:00AM - 12:30PM PST, Monday - Friday. If you require assistance outside of my office hours, please call +1(877) 232-3531 (in the US or Canada) or +1(206) 613-0456…
  • Hi James, Thank you for your reply. Our case reference number is 01357900 Before the Covid-19 outbreak we were using a clustered pair of M400's and these were failing over constantly when we started adding more and more user RDP access through the Access Portal to cope with the extra home working demand. This was unusable…
  • Hi, Just to say that we are seeing the same issue with an Active/Passive cluster of 2 M570’s. We have up to 80 RDP users through the Access Portal on at any one time and usually the CPU load is between 55 – 70% but occasionally we see the processor load hit 99% (Red 3) and crucially this does not drop away as RDP sessions…