• Hello Bruce, I am using these IP addresses for testing. Yes, I've set up SSLVPN and am using Routed VPN Traffic. I also unchecked the Global setting for "Enable TCP SYN packet and connection state verification " On Monday, I'll try the Diagnostic Log Thank you
  • Also, the client attempting to authenticate sees the message: Waiting for the initial response from server.
  • Thanks for the response Bruce. You're correct. Just helping someone that overlooked it. Good to go.
  • Thanks Bruce, I'll try both items later today, Friday.
  • The T-10 is running ver 12.4.B592447 and my client is running ver 12.5.3 and Mobile VPN with SSL. The workstation is a 32 bit HP Compaq laptop running windows 7 and has some peripherals required for 911 call taking. As for policies, the only use for this Firebox is for managing a remote 911 center. It provides no other…