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  • Sigh. Problem solved. I ran a diagnostic trace, and while looking at the output, found this: I think I had read about the limitation on the RADIUS …
  • Thanks for the quick response. From the Wireshark trace: Attribute Value Pairs AVP: t=Filter-Id(11) l=12 val=L2TP-Users AVP: t=Framed-Protocol(7) l=6 val=PPP(1) AVP: t=Service-Type(6) l=6 val=Framed(2) AVP: t=Class(25) l=46 val=3e54049e00000137000…
  • Ack. Already answered this. Though, one additional positive effect of using VI IP addresses is that it is crucial for remote sites with dynamic IP addresses (IKEv1 Aggressive mode).
  • OK, opened a case with WG, and have a solution, similar to the link above. It also addresses ping situation. On the VI VPN Routes page, you have to assign a virtual IP to each end of the tunnel. According to the rep, you can use a netmask on the …
  • (Quote) Nope. Verified that -I is needed, even when connected to the web UI from the spoke site, which is on the same subnet as the tunnel. Without -I, it tries to send the packets out to External (eth0).
  • Thanks for the response, Bruce. Yes, the AD server is on the same route/tunnel, no NAT-T, etc. The suspicious part for me is that you have to tell the WG to use the internal interface via -I for pings, so it seems like it would need similar help t…