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  • I think I've given in trying to get this to work. After spending hours, I finally guessed the string to use, then hit in to another issue. Two pieces of software fighting for port 1701. I got past this and though that I was finally making headway. …
  • maybe i'll take this to a Linux forum, as my VPN works ok on other OS's
  • This is where I'm struggling. This is the first time i've seen such a string. So I input that as my phase 1 string, but the same thing happens. The device quickly fails to connect. I see nothing echod in the firebox traffic monitor. Running sudo j…
  • If you mean the Phase 1 & 2 strings, then I originally, I unput those 3DES settings, but of course it wouldn't connect as my L2TP config is using SHA1-AES(256-bit). However, when I input SHA1-AES(256-bit), nothing appears to happen. The firebox …
  • It's Linux Mint (Cinnamon). It looks like L2TP isn't installed as a native protocol, so I followed instructions found here. Of course I quickly foun…
  • Having never experienced these settings before, I'm working blind and don't mind admitting to being a bit thick. Could you suggest where I might obtain the correct string, or suggest the string to use.
  • Really struggling here. If I input any of the SHA1 settings in my linux device, it fails to connect, and nothing is echod in the firebox log. If I leave the config empty, then I see this: 2019-11-28 18:22:09 iked (<->…
  • The highest entries on my L2TP config on the firebox shows PH1 = SHA1-AES(256-bit) and PH2 = ESP-AES-SHA1 I assume these are the settings I need for the Linux config. If so, do I also need to input the (256-bit) portion.