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  • OK, I will Bruce. I posted it again because it was posted in the wrong forum originally. I couldn't figure out how to delete the old one. Thanks.
  • As an update. I did get better a support agent from Watchguard and this agent confirmed that full HTTPS inspection will not work on an XTM25. He gave specifics but essentially said you really need a dual CPU core of a T35. Even a T15 with a single core would have some issues. And the XTM 25 just ain't gonna work well. Of…
  • It varies for each site but this site only has 5 users with some wireless users on the Optional network. But when I test in the morning it is usually one 1 or two users. It's crazy light. The LOAD lights are all off before I test and quickly move to yellow/red No errors I see about Concurrent Connections. Even the…
  • I tried making some of these changes. It didn't help much. With Content Inspection it is just so slow. Not unusable but almost. What bothers me is even in the early morning when usage is almost nothing it's still slow. It is definitely is the Content Inspection piece. As soon as I change it to allow, everything speeds up…
  • No. GAV and both RED options are not enabled. Should I enabled the RED options ?