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  • Hello Doug, I appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns about WatchGuard support. As the VP of Support, this kind of feedback is important for me to hear and I am sorry your experience was poor. I acknowledge that our support has fallen below our normal high standards for response time. This has occurred…
  • Here is a description of the items FBX-16588 – this is about higher memory usage and the scand process crashing. This is not new to 12.5 and is a general resource usage issue that is seen in some environments. WatchGuard is continuing to work with specific customer to diagnose proxy memory usage. FBX-17562 - this is KB…
  • The server OS and Database are too old and our IT department must decommission them for compliance reasons. I do apologize about losing the old data, WatchGuard is focused on replying to this community and with your immense help the community will be full of useful information in no time.
  • Hello You should really open a customer care support case to get help with licensing. Most likely issues are 1. You never activated the Total Security upgrade on 2. If you did activate you did not install the new feature key Customer care can help you resolve the issue. You can open a case here:…
  • Hello You can convert the configuration to any model and then save it to the new model. If you move to a model with fewer physical interfaces you need to make sure interfaces you have in use on the XTM330 are not removed. The corresponding model to an XTM330 is a M270 You should not try and store the backup from the XTM330…
  • Hi Bruce, Does the gear icon on the right side of the post not work for you to edit? I just tried that on a few posts and the edit worked.
  • Hi Bruce, if you hit go button on the top search bar you will then see a drop down arrow, that arrow shows the advanced search / filter options, you can search by username (Author) there. Let me know if that works for you.